Is broccoli allowed on keto diet

What vegetables can you have on a keto keto diet? Read on for more details, and when there are exceptions to this rule. The options at the top are solid keto vegetables. For example, grams of asparagus contain 2 grams of net carbs while grams of broccoli contain 4 grams of net carbs. Note that while the below-ground vegetables range from 7 to 17 grams of carbs per grams, the above-ground vegetables are all under 5 grams of carbs per gram serving.

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Quite! Green onions, or scallions, can be utilized to top salads or other dishes in modest amounts. Vegetables on keto All foods are made up of macronutrients – carbs, proteinand fat. While meat and most dairy provide protein or fatvegetables contain mostly carbs mainly. Vegetables with less than 5 grams of net carbs could be eaten relatively freely. These are considered keto vegetables.

Be more careful with slightly higher-carb vegetables like bell peppers especially red and yellow onesbrussels sprouts and green beans to stay under 20 grams of carbs a day.

The carbs can add up. For instance, a medium-size pepper has grams of carbs. While tomatoes are a fruit technically, they can work on a keto diet. But again, their carbs are a little higher. When combined with other foods, a day if you consume too many tomatoes you may exceed 20 grams of net carbs.

If you are doing a more moderate or liberal low-carb diet that allows more than 20 grams of carbs a day, you can eat as many above-ground vegetables as you desire.

Other helpful guidelines Here are two more general rules that can help you choose lower-carb and keto vegetables: In general, keto-friendly veggies are those with leaves – all types of lettuce, spinach and other greens are good ketogenic options.

Green vegetables tend to be lower in carbs than veggies with a complete lot of color. For example, green cabbage is lower in carbs than purple cabbage. Green bell peppers are somewhat lower in carbs than red or yellow peppers also. Medication with warfarin and vegetable intake: Warfarin Coumadin, Jantoven is a medication that can be used to treat or prevent blood clots sometimes, and it can be affected by changes in your intake of certain vegetables.

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Read, the effect of this medication can be reduced if you change your intake of vitamin K significantly; for example, if you begin to eat large amounts of certain vegetables like kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, or asparagus. Learn more Discuss any noticeable changes in medication and relevant lifestyle changes with your doctor.

Full disclaimer Vegetables and fat You can use keto vegetables as a vehicle for fat by seasoning cooked vegetables with butter. Another excellent way to add fat to vegetables is by dipping them in salad dressings or other dipping sauces, or adding olive oil to your salad simply. If you want to lose weighttry not to go with fat overboard.

For best results, you may want to let your body burn excess body fat rather than extra added dietary fat. In this full case, eat enough fat to prevent hunger just. Learn more in our guides about how much fat you should eatand our take on the best and worst fats and sauces Top 10 keto vegetables Here are ten fantastic keto vegetables that are tasty and provide lots of nutrients but only a few carbs.

Cauliflower – 3 g. Mild flavor and so versatile. Have a look at our top 18 cauliflower recipes Cabbage – 3 g. See more of our top cabbage recipes Avocado – 2 g. A fruit Technically, but loaded with nutrients and healthy fat. Are some great avocado recipes Broccoli – 4 g Here. Swap it for pasta, potatoes or rice. It can be steamed, fried in butterdrizzled in cheese sauce, roasted with bacon, baked au and more gratin.

Check out these recipes Zucchini – 3 g. Miss potatoes? Zucchini can be spiralized to make keto pastalike in this keto carbonara also. More recipes Spinach – 1 g. Top recipes Kale 3 g -. Although higher carb than spinach slightly, kale is a flavorful veggie. Recipes Green beans – 4 g. Green beans can be roasted, steamed, or stewed, but may taste better cooked in bacon fat or butter even. Recipes Brussels sprouts – 5 g.

Baby cabbages are excellent roasted until crispy or served in a creamy sauce. Be careful with carrots, though – their carbs do add up.

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  1. Hey Tom, I think you would really enjoy Dr. Rhonda Patrick if you arent aware of her by now.

  2. Im a diabetic and i do keto .i notices that most veggies if i eat more than im supposed to my sugers go up.but CUCUMBERS i can eat a whole can and notice nothing.a typical dinner is whole roast chicken with cucumbers in vinegar then something like almonds and berries for dessert

  3. is there a way to introduce keto diet to someone with gout? seems like many of the foods suitable for keto are not suitable for ppl with gout. hope that you can make a vid on this! Btw, great vid as always!

  4. How dangerous are potatoes for the membranes? How fast do the membranes dissolve? I like potatoes would like to keep consuming some.

  5. I wonder if cooking the cabbage takes care of the fructose like fermentation?

  6. Hi Thomas, could you do a video on the issues of fasting everyday? Also Ive been using the monk fruit liquid sweetener while fasting recently. I know theres no glycemic response apparently but there has to be limit to how much you can consume right? Thanks

  7. Thank you, Thomas! You are one of the few YouTubers providing real, genuine advise. You come across as truly caring about your viewers’ failures and successes.

  8. so i just started keto on Tuesday the 30th. I am a sixteen year old and way 300 pounds(started at 309.8 on Tuesday now im 299.2). I am on the journey with my Mom and Dad, but it feels weird trying to tell them what we should or shouldnt eat because im 16 and they are my parents. my macros are 195 fat, 157 protein and 20 carbs. We have been eating a lot of protein and i have seen that you recommend less protein because it can be used for glycogenesis, or whatever it is called. I have already got sort of accustomed to 16:8 if, but am struggling with hitting my fat goals. Do you have any tips that i can share with my parents so we can begin our keto journey right?

  9. Hi Thomas, have you heard Eran Segals Ted talk about food and insulin? Thoughts?

  10. peas are bad so what about pea protein isolate like you are always talking about?

  11. So confused,
    You & Dr.Berg both talked about Snow Peas, being ok on Keto.. So are Snow Peas no longer a acceptable on Keto?

  12. What do you recommend for picky eaters on Keto? I dont like asparagus, bok choy, or sauerkraut

  13. For glutathione, for a carnivore-er, couldn’t you just take a glutathione soup and not worry too much about getting the glut precursor? Thanks and always love the content Thomas! 🤙🏻💪🏻

  14. depends what type of potato youre talking about, i would direct you to the peruvian people who most eat potato and meat.

  15. What happened to the audio? I can see the video but can’t hear anything.

  16. What about sweet potatoes, I heard those are better than white potatoes?

  17. What about the effect of cooking veggies? My macro counter i’musing shows WAY higher carb count for cooked kale vs raw kale. Same for spinach. Is this something i should be concerned about?

  18. Should I use IF everyday? I saw in one of your videos (not sure which one, as Ive been watching non stop) that its not good to IF everyday at a calorie deficit as it may get your body used to a smaller amount of calories and make you gain weight on days you may go over. Im trying to make sure that doesnt happen as some days I want to IF for longer time frames than others but its SUPER hard for me to even consume 1500 cal. on my 18/6 days.

  19. Are saponines not only a problem if you consume much of the potato skin?

  20. Im surprised butternut squash didnt make it on here. Other nutritional docs say that fairly good amounts are keto friendly. With its ability to be made into noodles it helps fill out a meal. I just wish it tasted better.

  21. We need further/deeper discussion on whole Pea vegetable versus Pea Protein (isolate… etc…) consumption. Thomas was consuming pea protein months ago during his two week plant based keto trial (see past videos…)

  22. Great, the first one he names is a veggie that is terrible for digestion. 😒

  23. Ive been following keto/OMAD or almost two weeks now and Ive been slipping up a little. I was never really a high carb person to began with, but I had steamed frozen sliced carrots (starchy) and a scoop of mashed potatoes (also a huge no-no ) but everything is a learning process lol. Im losing weight nonetheless, but Im taking steps forward to going flat out full Keto instead of bending the rules. I love eating clean and I wake up feeling energized even if Im up early morning by accident lol.

  24. Who cares worse veggies still beat an american diet of processed crap ha!

  25. Is kim chi as good as saurkraut? Keto recipes are challenging because there arent as many Asian recipes available. Kim chi helps me adjust. Im thinking won bok kim chi, but maybe cucumber or daikon are ok too?

  26. I watched your video about KETO over 40 and you stated that cabbage was okay to eat. Please advise — thank you.

  27. Asparagus…but the horrible smell it gives your pee. Also those people that cant smell it are legit aliens.

  28. Video suggestion… things I miss being keto and healthy substitutes. I for one miss cereal, apples and baked beans. What do you miss? Do you have any keto alternative?

    1. Its weird. Im a Type 2 diabetic for over 20 years. Ive been on Lantus & Humulin R insulins for over 5 years. Quit taking the Lantus a few weeks ago since by blood sugars have been averaging around 4.2 – 5.2 mmol/L after meals; and a few days ago quit the Humulin R insulin and my blood sugar has gone as low as 2.1 mmol/L (38 mg/dl) fasted and 2.6 mmol/L (44 mg/dl) after my post weight training/fast breaking meal which consisted of 3 eggs, 3 turkey sausages, 2 slices of bacon, 4 chopped asparagus spears, 6 chopped mushrooms & 1/2 cup of Bushs baked beans in maple syrup (to get my blood sugar up a bit since I was a bit too light headed when I first woke up before my workout) all combined in a frittata. Yet 2 hours after eating, and not taking ANY diabetes meds, my blood sugar only got as high as 4.4 mmol/L or 80 mg/dl. Feeling mild symptoms of hypoglycemia even after my 2nd meal a few hours later, but B.S. @ 3.0 mmol/L or 54.6 mg/dl. But I want to fast until the morning so I dont want to break it .

  29. Just had a big plate of asparagus and a ribeye steak for my one meal of the day. It was fantastic.

  30. Id like to request a video on how vaping (e-cigs) affect your metabolism/liver/any other aspects related to keto/fasting and well-being

    1. Kelly Lynne ahh yeah! I wonder if there’s been any longer term studies on it though. I’d say that vaping trend is still pretty recent

  31. Hi Thomas. There’s a Dr out there that says coconut sugar, raw honey, & molasses is okay on keto. Can you talk on this?

  32. I’m eating 65% fat n 25% protein, which means more g of protein daily with my calorie requirements. Is this ok on Keto???

  33. PLEASE do more of this video going in depth on other veggies. This was so so so helpful.

  34. This is one of the best videos on veggies for Keto. Thank you, Thomas!

  35. Man i need to know. Fatso Peanut Butter brand is that good or bad?? I need to know cause i am addicted and i feel like that brand is best case scenario for peanut butter lol

    1. Thomas DeLauer peanuts, coconut oil, tapioca fibre (isomalto-oligosaccharide), avocado oil, chia seed, ground flax, mct oil, natural coconut flavour

      8g of fat
      2g sat

      3g of carbs
      2g fibre
      1g sugar

      3g protein

  36. What are your thoughts on natto? Fermented soybeans. Clearly not for keto, but on a basic health level what do you think?

  37. Id love to see some recipe ideas for bok choy and sauerkraut because, while Keto friendly, they dont strike me as being as versatile as asparagus is. Asparagus goes with pretty much anything, sauerkraut….not so much (think salmon and sauerkraut , bleh).

  38. In regards to corn, does it matter if it is air popped? Not sure how that affects the nutrient structure in your statement.

  39. I thought your number one protein shake is pea protien?? Please clarify! Although Im well aware that pea protien is not a keto food! Thank you:)

  40. Does any body know if 🍋 break your fast? Like I love taking green tea with 1 lemon in the morning while fasting

  41. You talk about collagen a lot. I noticed Sephora is selling a whole line of them marketed to women. Can you take a look at these and let us know if its good? Heres the link to the line.

  42. Would replacing Sauerkraut with Kimchi be fine? Kimchi is fermented cabbage too so I reckon it might work!

  43. Thomas, The sauerkraut you speak of, the high amount of fructose is released into the bloodstream before the fiber gets into the large intestine then ferments it into SCFAs. What I am saying is the high sugars are absorbed into body and they are not fermented. Just saying, cuz you glossed over this fact. I agree it is still a good vegetable choice for many reasons.

  44. So butter up (grass-fed, of course) that Asparagus for that Butyrate double-whammy?

    1. Brandon S. In a past video, he mentions eating asparagus with butter, salt, and nutritional yeast

  45. Id love to know the research behind why Okinawans can eat so much rice but are considered to be one of the healthiest groups on the planet. I live in Okinawa and since you said Bok Choy was number 2 on the good list, it got me thinking about how the Okinawans eat. Thanks!

    1. Kelly Sommers yes!! Back when I was high carb vegan, that group was a huge reason for a lot of hclf vegan influencers claiming it was the ultimate diet. But now we’re hearing about all these hclf vegan YouTubers dropping like flies, so what’s the deal??

      Thanks for your comment! I’m super interested as well

  46. Can you do a video on meal replacements? I’m not huge on eating breakfast, I’d rather have a protein shake or something like that but there are so many options out there, I don’t even know where to start!!

  47. @Thomas DeLauer please do a video covering the differences between Saturated, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats. The good and bad and how the body metabolizes them

  48. Appreciate that. I think the potatoes have helped curb some potassium issues, including the whiz. But Ill get better incorporating that broccoli & brussel sprouts. Today was my first day without donuts but I may have to get some more?

  49. Hello. Would you address JILLIAN MICHAELS video on Keto. I would really love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  50. I recall that on one episode you mentioned that pea protein was a good source of protein. But in this episode, you say that it is not good as a keto option. But is it okay if I am not on keto? is that how I can understand it?

  51. You can try to pry my peas from my cold dead hands. Love that veggie.

  52. Veggies have carbs, so yeah, a cup or so is a chunk of your macros. I used to eat a whole steamed bag of keto friendly veg with my dinner, love it. But then realized how many carbs. One bag of broc is almost all of my carbs for the day. So, now I do measure my veg.

  53. good video. Would tomatos and peppers (green, banana, jalapeno) be keto friendly or not? just wondering.

  54. Dry eyes and eye floaters on IF, why? Struggling to figure it out..

    1. @Blakebot J Have actually already seen it, still havent figured it out.. Thanks anyways 🙂

    2. @Thomas DeLauer I truly drink plenty.. Adding some pink Himalayan salt as well..

    3. I have no idea what this is but see what researching this does for you. I hope it helps.

  55. Thomas much respect and gratitude for what you do on the daily. Watched a multitude of your videos. But I was wondering if you could do a video for us folk that work the graveyard shift. Who work funky hours. Who do not have the luxury of a 9-5. Any pointers on this would be great from intermittent fasting to keto etc. This is something in the community I dont see many people touch base on and maybe you have buy I have yet to see the content. Love you brother!

  56. Please comment on beet roots and carrots on keto. Are they ok to consume on a regular keto diet regarding the amount of fructose they have or? And if not, should they be consumed right after training when the body is extremely insulin sensitive (get the fructose (carrots and/or beets), glucose and sodium) in order to replenish muscle glycogen after a good workout?

  57. Who am I supposed to believe about peas? Dr Berg says peas are ok in limited quantities… ugh. Thoughts?

    1. Dan Mills you could try consuming them and see what happens to your blood glucose levels 🤷🏼‍♀️

  58. Thank you Thomas for this education. I will have to force myself to eat sauerkraut as I really dont like the taste of it. 🙁

  59. Could you make a review on nightshade veggies? There is a lot of contradictory info out there, I hope you can shed some light on the topic

  60. Are those worst vegetables good in something, i mean in what case we should eat them

  61. Dr. Paul Mason says Asparagus contains a type of lectin that is x5 more effective than insulin at making you gain weight…

  62. IS Liverwurst Keto friendly? I like it spread inside celery in place of cheese whiz; or on top of slices of English Cucumbers

    1. I would think that it depends. Liverwurst is primarily made from pork liver. Liver that is most generally conventionally raised on grains. While pigs are omnivores, the most generally arent getting organic or good feed. They are getting the Roundup sprayed stuff, I imagine. Again the liver is the organ of detoxification oh, so all those toxins are being processed in that liver. So are those talks and staying in the liver or are they being processed and shipped out?

  63. Thank you for this information. I can always trust that you have done your research. Can you please address, in a future video or comment, whether collagen powder or protein powders are damaged by blending too long. I dont know! Thank you!😁

  64. Hi Thomas does the preparation have an effect i.e. steaming, frying, or roasting asparagus ?

  65. I’ve been eating at least one and half cups of asparagus on a regular basis. I’m not sure if that’s a lot but I can certainly smell when I excrete urine/sweat! The fructose conversion hasn’t impacted my weight loss albeit I do keep my total net carbs to around 25 to 30 grams.

    1. Self-monitoring of your body’s responses to diet and perhaps keeping track of biomarkers is very important, even for vegetables. I know there are many vegetables that appear to upset my gut and cause me has the entire day.

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