Longterm consequences of low fiber high sugar diet

Are some of the problems you may encounter Here; Dehydration, Leg Cramps, Frequent Urination, Constipation, Irregular Menstruation, Mood Swings and Low Tolerance for Alcohol These side-effects will subside once you get into an ongoing low-carb way of eating.

Evolution is a very s-l-o-w process, and the million or so years that hominids like us have existed are a flash in the pan compared to the millennia that life has existed on this planet. Early man followed a low-carb diet out of necessity.

People of the Paleolithic Era ate whatever they could get their hands on, including nuts, berries, wild vegetables and occasional grains. Intermittently, a huge hunk of meat in the kind of a deer or bison came their way. Are you starting to here see a pattern? The Paleo diet depended on foraging for wild fruit, veggies and nuts, supplemented by protein from fish, fowl and larger game sometimes. for us Luckily, due to farming, we now have much more access to the green, low-glycemic and healthy veggies that are the foundation of a healthy low-carb diet.

Dehydration: Water, Water and More Water As you may guess from the title of this segment, water is one of the most crucial ingredients of a low-carb eating plan.

Water is a wondrous substancekeeping our skin soft, helping us digest food, and getting rid of impurities. When it comes to a low-carb way of eating, water is more essential for good health even. The plain thing is, though, carbohydrates hold on to that water for us. When they are limited by you, water passes more through your system quickly. In the second place, the meager supply of carbs has been consumed once, the incredible machine that is your body will turn to glycogen glucose in the liver for energy production immediately.

Breaking down glycogen releases water. After that, your body starts breaking fat cells down, which releases water also. The bottom line is that it takes water for your metabolism to convert glycogen and fat to energy. This is another reason to keep drinking lots of it yet, in the early weeks of your low-carb adventure especially. Throughout the day Many low-carbers keep a water bottle helpful and refill it.

Having it reminds you to drink up and stay hydrated nearby. One of these is that some of the potassium shall be flushed from your body. A more serious consideration is that your heart needs the right balance of potassium and sodium to operate properly.

The over-the-counter strength is fine, a day and you should start with one. If leg cramps persist, a day you can raise that to two tablets. An even better way to get more potassium is to eat foods high in it – bananas, dark green leafy vegetables, brussels fish and sprouts.

This inconvenience will taper off after you get through the two-week induction period and then the early weeks of low-carbing. The extremely low amount of carbs allowed during the induction phase will give way to more carbs while you actively try to lose weight. In the early stages of converting to a fat-burning eating plan, you may have this nagging problem.

Generally, if you drink enough water and get at least some exercise, you can stay regular. If you up do get blocked, a gentle stool softener like Colace can help with the nagging problem. Choosing vegetables which have the most fiber for your meals shall also help. If needed, you can take a fiber supplement also. The mixture of lots of water, moderate exercise and enough fiber in the diet is your best wager for staying regular.

Irregular Menstruation This is sometimes seen in women who are burning fat quickly for the first time. Because hormones are kept in fat. When fat cells start to disintegrate, everything in them is released. Once fat stores enough are depleted, hormones in the bloodstream should level off. Interestingly, women actually need a specific amount of body fat to be able to menstruate. Females who engage in professional sports may become so lean and devoid of fatty deposits that their menses ceases altogether.

Body chemistry is a complicated thing, and it impacts our mental state certainly. The hormone release I mentioned can be one cause of mood swings. Low-carb dieters report that the hunger and cravings pangs they experienced during induction are greatly lessened and even disappear. No more sugar highs that crash into low-blood sugar lows. Low Tolerance for Alcohol Those who are low-carbing have a lowered tolerance for alcohol generally.

Alcohol should be limited anyway during a weight-loss plan because it turns to glucose in the bloodstream. Just be aware that your tolerance for alcoholic beverages might have changed. The Benefits Outweigh the Inconvenience Not everyone encounters these nagging problems, but a lot of people run into one or more of them.

It takes time for your body to adapt from a typical eating plan that includes lots of carbs to a diet that restricts them. Many people have successfully completed the low-carb weight-loss and induction phases and continued to live a low-carb lifestyle permanently. Following a healthy diet and getting moderate exercise is a recipe for a healthy and long life. You got this! See Also.

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  1. Great information – thanks so much. Dr. Fungs range and depth of knowledge is impressive. You have to really understand a thing to explain it so clearly.

    One comment… Dr. Fung has said in this video and others that he was the first to use fasting to treat disease. Actually, its been in use for decades. There was an institute in the former Soviet Union where sick people were treated with fasting, and they did extensive research (none of which has been translated from Russian). Theres also a place in Germany. Check out this video:

    I have a question… Ive seen a lot of evidence that fasting can correct autoimmune problems, but almost nothing specifically about IBD (especially UC, which I have). Valter Longo did a study involving a fast mimicking diet, but thats it (and he says many things that are incorrect, so I dont trust him). Ive read lot of anecdotal evidence from patients that fasting can help, but Im not aware of any studies. Im in a clinical trial for a JAK inhibitor to treat my UC, but Id like to get off it because of the risks (cancer, blood clots, infection, etc.). But I dont want to leave the clinical trial without something firm to grasp onto. The drug costs over $10,000 a month, and my insurance wont pay for it. Its kept me well for 6 years now. Are you aware of any studies on using fasts to treat IBD?

    1. Check out PKD diet (Dr. Zsofia Clemens), and GAPS diet (Dr. Natasha C.McBride)

  2. Well clearly nobody makes money from giving away free advice where you heal your body whipe doing away with several meds and so the big pharama reps would be on these forums posting bullshit theories.

  3. How do i calculate my sugar? Do i have to see my physician? I am not diabetic but would like to know to i can record it on my app. Thank you.

    1. You can purchase inexpensive blood sugar monitors. Ask your pharmacist for assistance and recommendations!

  4. @ 37 min – by what mechanism(s) do the Chemo drugs target the most rapidly growing cells ?

  5. Do 18 6 fast everyday which suits me but always start the day with a milky coffee otherwise it would be. 20 4 , what the ek

  6. you did call yourself a doctor, correct? and you said that forget smoking- thats all caused by smoking correct. Any doctor with any clue would never mutter such words. you are an embarrassment to the medical profession.

    1. Funny how long MDs were actually used to promote smoking.

      You do realise some noise about insignificant causes of disease is allowed so other more serious causes are not addressed? This is how mass media mind control operates.

  7. I was recently put on metformin and cholesterol medicine, baby aspirin, and protonix. I want to start fasting. I take the meds in the morning. This puts a damper on my fasting food r 18 hours. What be the best thing to do?

    1. Listen to Dr. John Bergman D.C.s discussions about how to detoxify from medications.

    2. Please speak to your doctor. If youre on medicine, Dr Fung doesnt recommend fasting without discussing your medication needs with your doctor.

  8. My father back in the 60s told us we should always go to bed a little bit hungry.
    Just meals nothing in between. I was skinny until I left home and all his advice fell on deaf ears.
    Now in my 60s I realise how right he was and he was not a medical person. Just believed in health and fitness.

    1. Wow, I never put it together until reading your comment. One set of grandparents lived super healthy and vibrant lives well into their 80s, and I am talking white-water rafting in their late 70s and my grandfather moving me into my dorm in his early 80s, carried my footlocker up 4 flights of stairs on his back. They ate meat or fish and veg but not starchy veg, eggs for breakfast, 3 meals only no snacking, and dinner was at 5 pm. I always chalked it up to Grandpas Jack LaLane habit and their simple diet and distaste for sugar, but never put it together that they also practiced intermittent fasting all those years!

  9. I know Im a little late in regard to this podcast.
    I plan to start intermittent fasting.
    Do bless me a video to get started for beginners.

    1. There is a full course on fasting with Fung on dietdoctor.com ( Sign up for a free monthly trial and watch it straight away 🙂

  10. My cholesterol is very high been doing Carnivore statins? Great insulin control. GKI therapeutic daily

    1. @Lynn Williams

      Which cholesterol? LDL, Triglycerides, HDL,

      The ratio of triglycerides/HDL should be less than 2 in mg/dl and less than 1 in mmol

      If you have your blood test results then input your values in this blood test calculator


  11. I use a WFPB diet with fasting works great no need for low carb for me. Whole food carbs are not the same as refined carbs.

    1. @Thales Nemo
      *spelling: advise – advice

      Thank you for answering and for the links. Yes, this seems overall one of the most common of problems with vegetarian/vegan diets: The rising rate of gallbladder removals due to excessive gall stone formation.

      Would you conclude this is because of too high concentration of bile salts vs cholesterol/fat, and too little bile in general; thus leading to bile sludge, and stones forming; also since not enough bile gathered in gallbladder to be squirted out?

      Did you also develop constipation/gastroperesis with bouts of diarrhea, and do you have regular bowel movements now?

      Bile production and a functional gallbladder play a huge role in maintenance of good health. Therefore one of the latest warnings going out: Bile salts are harmful – similar to cholesterol 😥

      Are you now taking oxbile supplement and do you regularly do gallbladder/liver cleanses?

    2. @Marica Maas

      It was bad dietary advise for decades and the debunked high carbohydrates intakes aka the food pyramid nonsense which lead to Gallbladder removal and the associated down stream problems .

      Hepatobiliary disease
      (Liver diseases and gallbladder-gall stone formation)

      Dietary carbohydrates and glycaemic load and the incidence of symptomatic gall stone disease in men 

      C-J Tsai1, M F Leitzmann2, W C Willett3, E L Giovannucci3

      How vegan diets do not work for the long term!

      Why I gave up being vegan

      August 2013 Issue
      Low-Carb Diets — Research Shows They May Be More Beneficial Than Other Dietary Patterns 
By Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, CDE
Today’s Dietitian
Vol. 15 No. 8 P. 12

      Hidden, destructive costs of a vegan diet

      It is time to stop counting calories, and time instead to promote dietary changes that substantially and rapidly reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality

      The history of an all meat diet

      Sweden excepts low carb high fat diet!

    3. @Thales Nemo
      Do you mind reporting what it was in your diet that affected you, and what medications you took?

      Did you try doing extended fasts, or maybe GAPS diet to heal the gut?

    4. @Marica Maas

      Thanks to Big Ag and Big Pharma I’ve become highly intolerant of fruits and potatoes ( nightshade family too) GRAINS ARE THE WORST !

      The benefits of eating a near carnivore diet is 20 Kg down , no more arthritis, clear skin , excellent blood works don’t need to eat more than twice a day at most .

    5. @Thales Nemo
      Again, taking in more animal products works well for some, not all… Why no potatoes or fruits?

  12. Excellent interview, thank you! Dr. Fung is an expert in this area.

  13. Whenever Adam opt for Eternity (wheat & Rice), the result is Diabetes & obesity.

    Diabetes & obesity are eternal diseases from Wheat & Rice!

  14. Can I have breakfast at 8am and lunch at 3pm and skip dinner – 2 meals a day , no snacks in between and still get the result ?

    1. @amit shakya
      Someone else I know – a girl in her teens – did what you propose – skipped dinner, and lost a lot of weight too.

    2. You will have to try and see what works best for you.

      Personally do better when postponing eating for as long as possible; like having the first meal at 3pm. Lost most weight while doing OMAD in the evening – few hours before going to bed.

  15. Im doing modified alternate day fasting now. 370 calories every other day with daily 16/8 intermittent fasting. I have the timing down but Im not really paying attention to my macros, just *trying* to eat less carbs. Its been 8 days and my hunger levels are down so much

  16. Or was cancer cells there for a good purpose and then changed to bad because of abuse.?

    1. Some suggest cancer is caused by cells gathering around a harmful organism in order to protect the body; as what can be one of the reasons why gall stones form.

      Cancer can for example be induced by injection of virusses into the blood; as happens with vaccination (explained in detail by Dr.Tent D.C. in his lecture about cancer and other auto-immune diseases being caused by virusses).

      Dr. Zach Bush explains cancer in terms of isolated, defect cells – not in communication with other cells. With result they do not realise they should commit suicide in order to preserve the organism. Instead they duplicate to suvive on their own.

  17. Dr. Jason Fung, Ive been praying for a plan to lose weight for me and my husband, I believe God led us to your podcast and your youtube posts, we started doing intermittent fasting for a week now and feels so much better. Thank you so much and God bless you!!!

  18. what a man ! He helped save my life. I reversed t2 diabeties with his help. October 2017 my blood sugar level was Hba1c 65. March 2018 Hba1c 49. June 2018 Hba1c 40. Its been under 40 ever since ( ranging from 36- 39, latest 38 ). You are a star

  19. My mom is so far into diabetis that she can no longer stand, see, or use her hands. Is it unwise to get her to fast, or what type of fasting would help her?

  20. Try telling your doc u wanna do carnavore and fast and to monitor you and they laugh.

    1. Just fast in your own, and see how it goes? As Dr. Fung remarks: Its doing nothing.

      SCIENCE OF FASTING documentary:

    2. My Dr told me dont give him a hard time and take my meds or he couldnt help me

  21. the biggest thing that the internet world isnt talking about during this fascinating discussion between 2 medically trained doctors as it pertains to diet, insulin resistance and intermittent fasting is that there wasnt 1 Youtube ad in it

  22. Both of you rock. 2 doctors who actually want to help people. Unlike conventional drs who just push pills. Thank you both.

  23. Dr. Csaba Toth says fasting is not the magic solution people think it is and he saw no advantage of fasting in his study/work of the gut microbiome.

  24. Being a genius is to see something so obvious so simple no one else could see
    Dr.Jason Nobel Prize in my Book..

    1. @m18 r18 Powerful statement from someone who dont have a name..

  25. Not sure why my sugar levels go up during the day with out eating from my morning sugar levels

  26. Treating and healing even advanced cancers naturally (without using toxic chemicals and cancer-causing radiation) is possible, yet pharmaceutically not profitable.

    Dentist Kelly and MD Nicholas Gonzales for example had great success using juicing, individualised diet and supplementation, coffee enemas for detoxing, and pancreatic enzymes between meals to break down cancer tissue. The enzyme treatment being scientifically justified by John Beards embryonic (take note not evolutionary) development research:

    Dr. Zach Bush, who was previously doing research in connection with development of cancer medications, recently developed natural carbon based RESTORE, which recovers communication between cells; this so that defective, isolated cancer cells can realise they are to self-destruct; towards preservation of the organism; this instead of proliferating to ensure their own survival.

  27. My father in law is 79 he takes zero medication . He fasts as muslim tradition requires twice a week : Thursdays and Mondays

  28. I would imagine the British N.H.S. would (should) be interested in conducting research into low carbohydrate/fasting diets as a preemptive and /or remedial intervention in serious conditions and diseases. It seems to me as a lay person that this paradigm shift in conceptualising and indeed treating inflammatory disease could be very welcome news for an organisation which is creaking under the financial burden of increasing patient numbers and big pharma prices. I feel certain Dr Fung could get support for research in one of the many university hospitals in the UK were he to seek it.

  29. you need to come to jamaica to help our wicked doctors insight them to treat health in a better way thank

  30. Hes brilliant but he needs to STOP comparing the dangerous 12 step cult religion to a valuable support system. 12stepcultreligionexposed.wordpress.com

    1. A fellow Orange paper person. People should know how toxic that program is

  31. Alan Goldhamer and others – at True North Clinic – had been doing water only fasting for quite some time, with good results. They were at a stage employed by a company to improve the health of their employees; also published an approved study in connection with lowering BP through fasting.

    According to SCIENCE OF FASTING documentary there are fasting clinics in Germany:

  32. Im a type 2 diabetic I began intermittent fasting a month ago I do a low carb diet Im confused everybody says eat fat but Im trying to lose weight should I be using whole milk or fat free milk?

    1. Good rules to follow: Do not consume low fat processed products; instead eat real food in its natural composition.

      Weston Price found no healthy diet that was not high in fat, and which did not contain some form of animal- and fermented products.

    2. Most milk is too high carb and too much lactose for people eating keto or low carb. You can read more about low carb on our website.


  33. Psychological and sociological implications of high Testosterone levels in women?

  34. A bit surprising the drug companies arent pushing fasting along with chemo treatments, so they can brag about success rates.

    1. Was also wondering if they were going to start promoting fasting, since then even more chemo can be tolerated, as is explained in SCIENCE OF FASTING documentary:

      Yet, they probably are considering how many are then going to use fasting on its own – with similar or better results – not only as prevention and treatment for cancer. Then there will be no more need for their toxic medications.

  35. Diabetes Australia is still recommending eating regularly, low fat, removing skin off the chicken, avoiding butter, lard, cream etc. But they can include sugar occasionally.

    1. How long they can hold on to this, considering the revelation their war against meat is driven by the SDA sect (as is explained by Gary&Belinda Fettke)?

  36. In response to Bernard Wongs comment: In place of soy milk, try to find raw milk – full fat. Recently listened to MD Nicholas Gonzales relate how Dentist Kelly was healed from advanced pancreatic cancer. What he did first, was to buy a milking goat. He also ingested eggs, but did not do well on meat & fish; later found how his wife was opposite to him – not doing well on plant foods – was healed by taking in meat. Not one diet for all.

    Also make sure to take in some fermented produce. Have you looked into the GAPS diet – to heal the microbiome and alongside the gut lining?

    The body may be holding on to fat, because toxins are stored away in the fat. Therefore look into different ways to detoxify; extended fasting being a start, but can be enhanced by for example adding heat/cold therapy, regular exercise with deep breathing, gallbladder/liver cleanses, coffee enemas with binders, etc.

    Learning how to manage stress is important; any emotional, chemical or physical stress (producing Cortisol etc.; thus suppressing Thyroid/ parasympathetic nervous system/metabolism in general), can play a role in fat storage; apparently also to protect organs.

    Make sure to take in enough salt, and do not drink too much liquids, also while fasting (you might want to look into dry fasting?):

    Watch Low Sodiums link to Fat Gain & Insulin Resistance (Salt vs. Sugar) on YouTube

  37. As a woman whose sister suffered from anorexia/bulimia I fast intermittently but want to do longer fasts too. In back of my mind I feel a little worried of developing an eating disorder. How do you not fall into that?

    1. We recommend that anyone who is underweight or has an eating disorder not attempt fasting. –Kerry

  38. Dr. Jason Fung you sir are making a real difference. I too have lost weight and feel great with out spending a single penny. Thank you for my heart.

  39. Ive been doing 72h fasts for a while and have lost 80 lbs and kept it off for a year. When I started seeing loose skin, I started dry fasting for the 48-72 window and the loose skin is gone. I think (dont have evidence, just a hypothesis) that dry fasting at the peak autophagy window gets my body to eat up the loose skin. I couldnt get surgery for it, too many tattoos that would be wrecked.


  41. I am morbidly obese but have been following a strict ketogenic diet along with 16/8 IF. I am shocked at how much weight I’ve lost in the last six weeks. Over 20 lbs. I recently did a 24 hr fast and I felt amazing. I’m going to give the 3 day fast a try on the regular and see if I can’t avoid the issue of loose skin.

  42. Hi there I have both type 2 diabetes and Parkinsons disease, Ive been wondering how this would Fair out with the intermittent fasting? And what should I eat during the 8 hours eating?

    1. Look into PKD (Dr. Zsofia Clemens) and GAPS diet (Dr. Natasha C.McBride).

      SCIENCE OF FASTING documentary:

  43. Dr. Scher, you are such a good host! Dr.Fung I salute you for being outstandingly courageous, hard working and well-meaning person.

  44. in 2017 I was diagnosed with diabetes. One of the people I listened (via Youtube) to was Dr Jason Fung. I changed my diet to around 80% vegetables, rainbow food (I do eat meat but within the 20%). I do intermittent fasting. Now, no medication, all health markers normal. So, thanks Dr Fung.

  45. since I found Dr.Fung 13 month ago on youTube my life has changed-after 50 years Im in the *normal weight zone* and a BMI of 25 coming from 32 16/8 since then, some 36 to 42 hours fasting- its a wonderful life 💞💞✌️💪👍Thank you so much

    1. Dont be too much concerned about BMI – they change it – as they do with BP and cholesterol numbers.

  46. @Diet Doctor: There are animals that can produce their own vitamin C by producing certain enzymes in their liver which converts glucose into Vitamin C. Humans have a version of this gene that animals have, but it is defective (and apparently has been defective for 35 million years). Has there ever been any research done into either doing gene therapy by inserting a functioning version of this gene using a zinc finger the same way that was attempted for the treatment of Hunters syndrome ? For Hunters syndrome, its a different gene that is inserted, but if they can get that to work, it would seem to me a possible way to help remove excess glucose.

    Also, are there any pharmaceutical companies that have considered making a medicine containing those liver enzymes, so that the excess glucose would be converted to Vitamin C, something that the body needs instead of forcing cells to absorb glucose by insulin ?

    1. Because they cannot make enough money if we just eat fresh, real food and supplement with Vit C… sigh.

      Have you listened to MD Suzanne Humphries excellent lecture on Vit C?

    1. @Just Debbie
      When I noted that everything is not about you etc. I did not mean you specifically… Try to step away, and circle yourself from the outside – as if you are looking at someone else – if that makes sense?

      For me it was humbling, yet truly liberating to realize the value of making friends with what I did not know; it really is the only way to grow: The way up is down.

    2. @Just Debbie
      Yes indeed, expected you would point out that all elders are not equally wise. Yet, in principle the younger should submit to their parents especially, and respect them; there is a promise of long life that accompanies this attitude.

      Unfortunately Cultural Marxism has been eroding generational relationships and the younger are encouraged by the education system and mass media to rebel against traditional values.

    3. Marica Maas young people should listen to their elders but you must realise that there are elders out there that chat shit too, do you must be selective.

    4. Marica Maas obviously everything isnt about me. Shouldn’t you be saying that to katherine downover? She’s the one who assumes everybody should know smh.

    1. @Silvia Gonzalez

      Track your own glucose levels the meters are cheap in the chain drugs stores or online .
      Table below : A1C to glucose chart

    2. Its definitely not good. If you dont get a handle on it then it will get pretty bad.

  47. @26m. AMPK is not reduced on fasting, it is increased while, while mTOR is suppressed and IGF-1 go down

  48. keto/fasting is going to be a massive pain in the arse to bigpharma and the sugar industry

  49. I have been watching all Dr. Scher´s podcasts and I follow Dr. Fung as well. Seeing them in a conversation – brilliant!

  50. Dr Fung,
    Could water fasting help with Coronavirus? Thanks in advance.

  51. My hypothyroidism is being reversed due to Keto/Carnivore, IF and EF. My meds have been lowered 4 times since March 2019, I go back in 6 weeks for more bloodwork. Ive had hypothyroidism for 25 years and this is the 1st time that it has been lowered, even when I was living the Atkins lifestyle it never once was lowered.

    1. Tammy Harper thats cool. I wish I never caved and had the op.. them doctors smh..

    2. @Just Debbie no just dont eat gluten anymore and its reversing my hypothyroidism. Im almost Carnivore and thats also helped.

  52. Dr Jason Fung: If youre going 30 days or 60 days its a different thing but no one does that
    Fasting Fatman on day 150 of a fast: Well hello everybody!

  53. Très étonnée de voir qve ce Dr. Fvng a beavcovp grossi depvis 2013 POVRQVOI ?!

  54. I looooove Dr. Fung his point of view and explanation from a doctor’s perspective it makes SOOOO MUCH SENSE! Hopefully all doctors will learn from him 👊🏻💕

  55. Im doing 48 hrs fast continous I only eat every after 48 hrs and one meal only in 2hrs window. im now on my second week.

    Im obese and have high cholesterol. now i lose weight and mybskon gor clearer.

    I only eat whole food. is it okay of i continue 48 hrs fasting one meal. for 2 consecutive months?

    1. I eat blueberries, sweet potatoes, lentils, etc. I believe more in eating less or no processed food and keeping your eating time to 8 or fewer hours. Unless you are so overweight, I would not cut that food out, but thats me.

  56. To be healthy ; eat low crabs ; dont eat rice ,breads. wheats . noddles .cut off all carbohydrates and eat more veges soup.& meat soups & nuts & seeds .Dont eat and avoid junk foods such as KFC ,Mc donald ,fry chicken .oliy cooked foods.fry foods.
    Eat various green vege soups mixed with meats fish .Dont eat process foods and deep fry foods .Do walking exercises 10000-20000 steps per days .Drink water 2-3 leters per day .Sleep 7 -8 hr per day .Reduce stress and tension .Dont worry for tomorrow.Pls be mindful in present situation and try to do meditation 15 -30 min per day if you have times.

  57. I had PCOS and was undergoing fertility treatment which was so stressful my mental health was at risk. I lost 4 stone and started to ovulate naturally and became pregnant immediately. Im sure Dr Fung is right. The worst thing was the horrible way I was treated at the Infertility clinic, like it was my fault.

  58. Dr Fung adds sanity to the question of living healthier. Fasting is not a diet. It is regulating when you eat, not what you eat. But you can choose to change your diet in addition to fasting. I have been fasting for about 6 months, eating only between 12 noon and 6pm. I am still losing weight (181-162lbs) and feeling pretty well. Start slow and adjust your fasting to get the results you want. It is free and even cheaper because you might be spending less for food.

  59. Thanks so much Dr Fung. One day at a time you are saving my life

  60. If the whole point of modern medicine was to make and keep people healthy, they wouldnt take in the trillions. Keep the population well enough to work and pay taxes, but sick enough to keep big pharma and big medicine raking in the dough. And they wonder why we dont trust them?

  61. What a wonderful interview again. Thanks Dr Bret. Dr Fung is not only knowledgeable, he is inspiring and compassionate.

  62. I would like to thank you Dr. J. Fung, I tried intermittent fasting, the first time, my body cant take it, at the middle of the night I become hungry, but I was not discouraged I tried it, doing 16 hours fasting, Im 75 years old and diabetic taking insulin, now Im very confident doing the 16 hours fasting, My insulin intake before is 16 to 18 units, 3x a day, now its 10 units 3x a day, My weight is 160 pounds, 55 in height, still doing intermitted fasting 2 or 3 times a week depending how I feel. Thank you, Dr. Jason Fung.

    1. Dont listen to Marica Maas; she will put you in the hospital with that advice.

  63. Intermittent fasting definitely works! My twin sister started January 13th 2020 weighing 213 lb, and today February 9 2020, shes weighing in at 201lbs. Stay consistent and be patient

  64. Hi All.! I want to get off Metformin. Do I just start doing the 16 hour fast? Schedules, suggestion are appreciated – thx.!

    1. If you are working to reduce medication for diabetes, please make sure and ask your doctor for assistance with your dosage. You may find this helpful.


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