Whats wrong with the keto diet

Posted by Nicky Perks What I want to share with you in this post is very important if you are trying to follow a very low carb, high fat diet. They do work very well really, but only if you properly do it. It happened to me so I am speaking from first-hand experience. What was my mistake? What she said next opened my eyes to the severity of my situation. I told Stephanie that I had been experimenting lately with upping my carbs and that I had experienced some benefits but I confessed that of late I was finding my old sugar and carb cravings returning and that it was becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid temptation.

What was I doing wrong? When I started following a ketogenic diet a few years ago first, I was filled with the enthusiasm that comes at the beginning of any new project. I did my research and followed the principles of a well-formulated ketogenic diet strictly.

I lost weight and felt great. Then life got in the way and the guidelines that I had been so diligently adhering to started to fall by the wayside. The most important types being eating enough fat and keeping carbs very low. On a ketogenic diet one has to really make a conscious effort to consume enough fat to fuel your body and metabolism. I had been neglecting this VERY important component of a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

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My calories, rather than helping me to lose weight was doing the complete opposite. My body went into stressed out survival mode and was holding on to every single valuable calorie. I had started to consume too many carbs and was struggling to give up the dairy completely. I was drinking the occasional glass of indulging and wine in some dark chocolate a few times a week.

Coffee with cream was a daily ritual also. Stephanie helped me to identify these presssing issues and made recommendations of how to move forward. Not everyone needs to get as strict as I have had to, but we are all different. The key is figuring out how strict YOU need to be to get the total results you are aiming for. Carbs consumed must be from low carb, leafy cruciferous and green veggies only. Consume a minimum of grams of fat per day grams at first for the first few weeks to expedite the fat-adaptation process.

Besides eating fatty foods and meat like avocado and olives, add 2 to 3 tablespoons of oils and fats to each meal. Cut out all dairy, alcohol, nuts and caffeine.

Drink enough water and consume salt. Test your blood sugar levels and aim for readings of 4 often. Keep protein portions to half the size of your palm for every of your 3 meals. A night and get to bed before 10 pm Get 8 hours of sleep. Find ways to manage your stress – this is critical to reduce the cortisol and bring down your blood sugar.

Most people embark on a ketogenic diet for fat loss but that is the wrong focus. It is a means to an final end. Fat loss will later come. After years of struggling to lose any more weight my body has shed 4 kilos in 5 weeks. This is nothing short of miraculous. My cravings are again under control once. Am I keto-adapted fully? No, not yet but my blood sugar readings are looking good and my Ketonix breath meter is registering orange and sometimes red, which indicates that I am heading towards ketosis land.

I have also had to learn to be OK with diminished performance in my CrossFit workouts for now. I think that people come into your life at specific times to teach you something of value and also to set your path straight again. I am grateful for Stephanie Person who shares her wealth of knowledge with people so freely and graciously.

Her YouTube channel is also a wonderful resource for those wanting to discover more about doing nutritional ketosis properly. She is busy writing her first book and I can guarantee you I will be buying it when it is published. Here is a short video of the talk she presented at our CrossFit gym. That night She inspired so many. A short video on why coffee is not good for you when doing a ketogenic diet.

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